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      Avatar photoStacey Dogan

      I have scaled back the first 3 Parts to make the casebook work for my 3-credit class. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to teach right of publicity, but I’ll try to weave it into discussion when we talk about false endorsement. I have also cut all the cybersquatting materials. Other than that, unless I’m mis-remembering, I left most of the cases and just edited them down. I did some shameless non-substantive things like shrink images, delete case citations, etc. , but also cut some discussions that I thought were duplicative. Anyway, I’m happy to share as appropriate; I realize that I’m not even sure how to label the thing (Barton, I’m sorry but I distributed it to my students with your name on it and without a written notation that it’s been all chopped up by me (though of course I’ve told them, in the syllabus and otherwise)…but let me know what you’d like me to do going forward.)

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      Avatar photoMichael Madison


      Can you post your syllabus here, or circulate it? I’m also teaching a 3-credit TM course with the book. My syllabus is online at

      Like you, I can’t cover any Right of Publicity or cybersquatting stuff. There is also no time for remedies.

      I didn’t condense any of the materials, however; I just made the whole thing available to students and assigned pages, as I would with a hard-copy book.

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      Avatar photoStacey Dogan

      Sure – here’s the syllabus.

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      Avatar photoScott Boone

      I envy each of you your 3 credit hours as I sit here trying to slim the course down to 2 credit hours.

      So far I’ve cut False Advertising, the Right of Publicity, Cybersquatting, and some of the ‘history’ cases. Additionally, I plan to take the information in several sections and provide it to students in a more condensed fashion – the special rules for certain types of marks, the registration process, the further circuit-by-circuit development of many defenses, and remedies.

      I still need to find more to cut. I’m down to looking at individual cases, particularly where there are multiple cases for a specific concept. Any suggestions are welcome, as this is my first time teaching a stand-alone trademark course, believe it or not.

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