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      Hello everyone,

      First: to Barton. Thank you again for continuing to maintain and improve this resource! I was on sabbatical a year ago so missed teaching from the 9th edition. Now I have to saddle up once more, with the 10th. Which leads me to …

      Second: to the group and also to Barton. Has anyone pulled together the principal cases as a collection of individual files? Would you be willing to share the files? Barton, you may have the edited cases as separate objects; if so, would you be willing to share them?

      I teach TM using an unorthodox sequence, and rather than have students flip through pages of a digital text in an awkward back-to-front way, I want to simply give them the cases in the pattern that I prefer. I do the same thing for Copyright Law; I built my inventory of cases long before Jeanne and Chris published their open source casebook and prefer carry on as I have done. Students seem to like it.


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