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      Hi all,

      Quick update from the front regarding working with the Law Carta version of the TM Casebook v.4.0.

      As a background note, I make a relatively small number of changes to the text and organization of the book. I teach the naked licensing and assignment in gross sections at the beginning of the course, in order to teach the concept of goodwill at the very beginning. (Some of you know that in my Copyright Law course, I teach fair use as the first topic. The thinking in both cases is this: These are fun cases and important concepts, but they’re mostly useful for getting fundamental policy and history concerns on the table, and some basic doctrinal levers, early on, in concrete ways.

      Doing all of this in Word is not problematic, though one has to watch formatting and Table of Contents functionality. When I move the sections around, I do add a little explanatory text to “sell” the re-arrangement. In Word, this isn’t any trouble.

      The Law Carta drag-and-drop function means that I can move sections around much more easily and not worry about formatting integrity or Tables of Contents. The LC environment does that automatically.

      Also, the LC “add next text” function means that I can add new text (or links, or images, or whatever) at the *end* of any existing section.

      However, LC does not allow me to edit any existing headings or to edit any existing text. I cannot add a new section and section heading; I can only add to existing sections.

      Because I wanted to add new text at the start of certain sections (in particular, I wanted to add new text to the naked licensing/assignment in gross sections to explain, briefly, why goodwill is such an important topic), my workaround was to add the introductory text to the *end* of the preceding section.


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