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      Barton Beebe

      Hi Everyone,

      A few updates relating to TLOSC:

      First, for those wanting to assign this semester an edited version of In re Tam, 2015 WL 9287035 (Fed. Cir. Dec. 22, 2015), Laura Heymann has made available her edited version (complete with numbered paragraphs), which is attached to this posting.

      Second, Laura has also made available her abridged and nicely-formatted 3-credit version of Part 1 of the casebook. It’s posted on the “Sample Syllabi and Specially-Abridged Editions” page in the Faculty Resources section of the website.

      Third, I’ve also added to the Faculty Resources section a page for Assigned Exercises. This was inspired by Jessica Silbey’s generous offer to make her exercises available. They’re now posted. Please send in any exercises of your own that you’re willing to share.

      Thanks, Barton

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      Avatar photoMichael Madison

      Hi all,

      I think that I previously let you know about the writing exercises/assignments that I’ve distributed in my Trademark Law course over the years. Three per semester, times 8 semesters (including Fall 2015), are available via my home page (http://madisonian.net/home); in the search box in the upper right corner, search “trademark memo assignments.”

      Barton, if you run the search above you’ll collect a URL for the page of memo assignments for each of my versions of the class since 2008. I couldn’t see a way for me to post the links to the “Assigned Exercises” page, so feel free to do that yourself. In addition to the assignments that are still up on my site, I have about four years’ worth of assignments (another 12 or so in total) that pre-date production of my current site. I’d be happy to share those with anyone who asks.


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      Barton Beebe

      Hi everyone,

      I’ve now added two new groups of assignments to the Assigned Exercises section:

      Laura Heymann’s assignments from Fall 2015

      Links to Mike Madison’s massive collection of memo assignments dating back to Fall 2008

      I hope you find them useful.

      Thanks, Barton

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