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      Greetings to the Advisory/Anarcho Collective,

      Because I don’t give final exams, I have the luxury of slipping early into the stream of summer consciousness, which leads me, naturally, to thinking about next year.

      I’m giving a lot of attention to reorganizing all of my courses around a basic model that looks like this: (1) (one third of the semester) the essential conceptual and doctrinal elements of X body of law; (2) (one third of the semester) key conflicts and problems in current practice in X body of law; (3) (one third of the semester) where this body of law is headed over the next Y years, given social/economic/technological transformations.

      For Contracts (which I teach in the first year) and Copyright (my other upper level elective), the content of (3) seems pretty straightforward to me, at least in terms of defining its scope: The future lies at the intersection of intermediaries and robotics (Amazon and Google, for example, and computing, algorithms, and scale).

      The question for this group is: What’s the content of (3) for Trademark and its related and adjacent bodies of law?



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