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      Barton Beebe

      Dear Friends of Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook,

      I’m writing to announce the launch in June of an alternative, more easily customizable (and still free) version of the casebook on LawCarta. I’ll continue to produce .doc and .pdf versions of TLOSC but wanted to provide this alternative in response to popular interest.

      The LawCarta version is:

      • Customizable: With a few mouse clicks, you can drop parts, sections, and cases from the reading and rearrange the structure of the reading. You can also add your own material.

      • Available in a printed version: LawCarta will print, at cost, nicely bound versions of the customized casebook for students still reading on paper. The LawCarta interface also allows printing to .pdf of your customized version.

      • Annotatable: The LawCarta online version is fully annotatable by students.

      Here a link to a quick overview of what LawCarta provides: Here’s a link to sign up to LawCarta and watch video demos of the system: You can also write to Richard Speakman at LawCarta, , or to me with any questions.

      I expect to produce an update in June in .doc, .pdf, and LawCarta versions.

      Hope everyone’s having a good spring,


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      Avatar photoMichael Madison

      Hi Barton,

      Thanks for the update and congrats on moving into the LawCarta environment. Can you say a little bit more about the LC version? I’m interested in the expected cost of the print copy to students and also in any added time or expense on your end in putting the content into the LC system.

      I’m happy to chat offline about the latter if you prefer.

      I hope that all is well with you and with everyone else in the BB TM fanclub.


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      Barton Beebe

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry to take a while to reply — just back from Germany.

      LC tells me that the printed hard back copy will be between $39 and $49. That represents their cost to print and make some profit. I’m committed to not taking any royalties ever.

      I will know more about the time it will take to put the content into the LC system in the coming weeks, when I produce Version 4.0. My impression so far is that the costs are minimal — though I will always produce the .doc and .pdf versions first and then conform the LC version, so that involves a second round of editing. Working in LC is like working in an online text editor.

      Thanks, Barton

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      Barton Beebe

      I got an additional question about whether LawCarta’s pdf versions will be limited by DRM. LawCarta tells me that there will be no DRM limitations on the pdf, though the student’s name will appear on the pdf.

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