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      I have posted my Fall 2019 Trademark Law syllabus, in which I break apart Barton’s book on a day by day/class by class basis, remix some of it, and supplement it with links to online materials concerning the cases. The site also includes a lot of links to materials concerning both historical and contemporary advertising, branding, and consumerism. There is much serious stuff and some fun stuff. Most of it consists of light introductions rather than deep scholarly explorations.

      If you’re interested, the link is: http://madisonian.net/home/?page_id=4163

      Borrow whatever you like. If you see anything that’s wrong, out of date, or should be updated or clarified for any additional reason, feel free to give me a shout.

      I will post my class by class slides to that page on a class by class basis. Borrow whatever you like of those, as well. If you’d like the Fall ’17 slides (from the last time I taught this class), just ask. I am happy to share those.


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