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      My Fall 2015 Trademark Law syllabus, based on the Beebe text, is now online at http://madisonian.net/home/?page_id=1975

      I’m posting the link because I’ve changed things up a little bit (again) and I’m interested in comments. Over the years, my IP classes have gotten pretty media-rich from a classroom experience standpoint. The tradeoffs (more engaged students v. slower than optimal pacing among them) are pretty obvious. I’m just moving the line a little bit, pushing students to do more of the contextualizing on their own and buying myself some added time for classroom discussion.

      Classroom slide decks and related videos/music will be thinner; more case context will be (and now is) posted to the syllabus as links that students can follow ahead of class or afterward. I don’t permit student electronics in class, so I’ll still control which things make it to the shared classroom screen.

      The “annotated” syllabus is longer than the norm (the stage setting, introductory material for the first day of class is particularly link-rich), but I hope that students and others can still follow it without undue difficulty.

      And because the whole thing is web-based, all of the links are at least a little bit up for grabs. I can add and delete as appropriate on my own, and students (and others) will be welcome to suggest changes. I’m not quite ready to “wiki-fy” the whole project, but that may be one logical next step.

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