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      William Ford

      I don’t know if this forum will become active as most or all us switch to an online format for the remainder of the 2020 semester, but for those us using the Beebe casebook, it probably makes more sense to post here rather than to the general IP listservs.

      I will offer one online item that I think turned out well. It’s potentially useful for anyone covering the right of publicity materials in the casebook, particularly the Keller case on pages 817 to 832.

      The video includes three parts: an overview of the issue (00:00 to 07:15), a short demonstration of the game involved in the 1967 Palmer case (07:15 to 15:39), and then a roundtable discussion about the right of publicity as applied to games (15:39 to 55:56).

      The discussion includes me, Professor Gordon Hylton (formerly of Marquette), Jonathan Jennings (Pattishall McAuliffe firm) and Lester Munson (ESPN legal analyst). We recorded it on June 30, 2014.

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