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Hi all,

As you all know I don’t give exams; I have students write short papers during the semester. All of my assignments are distributed on my course website(s), which are public. You can see all of the assignments (3 per semester) going back to the Fall 2009 version of the course at (click on the “Trademark Law” link for a given semester, and that will open up a menu of links that includes a “Read the Memo Assignments” link). I have about 3 years’ worth of assignments that pre-date the 2009 course and would be happy to share those with anyone who would like to see them.

The page above also links to my Copyright Law course pages, and the Copyright Law links will take you to my Copyright Law assignments going back to 2010. I have another 5 years’ worth of pre-2010 copyright assignments that I would be happy to share.