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Barton Beebe

Hi everyone,

I’m just about to post a Version 2.0 of the casebook. I’m finishing the last sentences of the intro chapter as we speak and hope to post the new full version of the casebook by tomorrow morning. Sorry it’s coming about a month later than expected.

I’ll write a proper email surveying all the changes, but here’s some hints of what’s to come:

–The Apple v Samsung Fed Circuit functionality opinion is now included.
–The Multi Time Machine v. Amazon initial interest confusion opinion out of the Ninth Circuit is included.
–In the genericism section, Pilates has been deleted (but will still be available in separate form on the website). Instead, the newest iteration of the Pretzel Crisps case at the Federal Circuit has been included.
–In the false suggestion of a connection section, we now have a more up-to-the-date case involving Kate Middleton rather than the older case involving Benny Goodman.

I’ll detail various other changes in the email announcing the new version.

Thanks, Barton