Version 2.0

(active 25 July 2015 – 22 July 2016)

Introduction (.pdf/.doc)

Part I: Establishing Trademark Rights (.pdf/.doc)

*Note that Multi Time Machine v., 792 F.3d 1070 (9th Cir. July 6, 2015), which is included in Version 2.0, has been superseded.  An edited version of the superseding opinion, Multi Time Machine v., 804 F.3d 930 (9th Cir. Oct. 21, 2015), is available here (.pdf/.doc)

Part II: Trademark Infringement (.pdf/.doc)

Part III: Defenses to Trademark Infringement and Related Limitations on Trademark Rights (.pdf/.doc)

Part IV: False Advertising (.pdf/.doc)

Part V: Right of Publicity (.pdf/.doc)

Part VI: Remedies (.pdf/.doc)